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Agadir SUP Center Concept : an authentic sport and cultural experience

We welcome you all the year in the most beautiful Moroccan spots to make you stay unforgettable. Agadir SUP Center, is the first SUP School dedicated to Stand Up Paddle in Agadir and Taghazout areas. You ride on a high Stand Up Paddle of the Redwoodpaddle brand to enhance your practice.

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The Team

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Jonathan is from Saint Jean de Luz in the Basque country and has started surfing at 8 years old before devoting to SUP surfing. Ocean and nature lover, he used to live in the Portugal and Australia where he has developed technical skill to pass the surfing and Stand Up Paddle instructor license. He discovered Morocco for holidays and has decided to take place there to explore Moroccans spots and to let you discover great waves in stand up paddle.


Stand Up Paddle Morocco

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Experience Stand Up Paddle in Morocco

Stand Up Paddle in Morocco is a sport the sport to do. Agadir and Taghazout Area have plenty of unique spots to practice different SUP activities like the SUP Tour, SUP race, SUP yoga and of course SUP surfing.

Agadir Sup Center is dedicated to the Stand Up Paddle Surf. Our goal is to promote Stand Up Paddle Surf among the local population that are all surfers.

Join us for to taste the Stand Up paddle pleasure, this increasingly popular sport around the world.

Our Stand Up Paddle School offers an initiation in order to get all the basics, or advanced classes in SUP surfing with our ISA graduate instructor (international surfing association).

Coaching tailored to evolve rapidly in the best conditions, taking in the beautiful sights that offer Morocco.

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